Tyler Beeton

Research Associate, Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Tyler joined CFRI in 2019 to contribute to the growth and sustainability of decision-support projects at CFRI, which includes managing, contributing to, and evaluating collaborative adaptive management processes with project partners and stakeholders. Prior to CFRI, Tyler worked as an Applied Social Scientist at the North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center and Natural Resource Ecology Lab at Colorado State University, where he worked collaboratively with public land managers and tribes in the north central U.S. on place-based, social-ecological drought and climate change vulnerability assessments and adaptation planning, the goal of which was to co-develop actionable climate science that is locally relevant, appropriate, and desirable to inform decision-making. He has also conducted qualitative research on the opportunities and constraints of using beetle killed trees and other forest residues for bioenergy in Colorado and Montana. Tyler holds an M.A. in anthropology, and he is working toward a PhD in Ecology and Human-Environment Interactions at Colorado State University.