Colorado Big Thompson Project


The goal of the Colorado Big Thompson (C-BT) Project partnership is to proactively restore forest and watershed health, and to preplan post-wildfire response to protect C-BT infrastructure and water supplies. Watersheds include those on the Western Slope of Colorado in the headwaters of the Colorado River, and those on the Eastern Slope of Colorado in the headwaters of the Big Thompson River.


Large severe wildfires that can occur in the forests that provide water to Colorado’s front range population can be expensive to fight, and restoring the ecological processes of forest and water health following a large severe wildfire can be even more expensive. Managing forests before large severe wildfires may occur can reduce these costs and helps the citizens of Colorado.


CFRI is supporting this project by assisting in the collaborative process, providing scientific knowledge to the partnership, and performing pre- and post- treatment ecological monitoring.

More information on this program will be available as the project develops.

Brett Wolk