September 11, 2019 meeting agenda

September 11, 2019 meeting summary

Lodgepole discussion:

USFS tracks with avenza input (overview)

USFS tracks with Avenza input (Units 9 & 10)

USFS tracks with Avenza input (Units 9, 11, 12, 20, 103)

USFS tracks with Avenza input (Units 4-9, 20, 99)

USFS Habitat Stage Structure Visualizations and Thought Experiment presentation

USFS Comparison of Mechanical vs. Manual Post-treatment impacts

USFS Lodgepole pine treatment comparison

USFS Mixed conifer (Ponderosa pine/Douglas fire) treatment comparison

USFS James Creek Ponderosa pine manual treatment information

USFS Taylor Mountain mixed conifer mechanical treatment information

Markevich Lodgepole presentation (modified from original presented at Sept. 11 meeting)


Wildlife discussion:

USFS Wildlife presentation

USFS Elk Migration Corridor map

USFS Elk Severe Winter Range and Production Habitat map

USFS Forsythe II Effectiveness Habitat and Interior Forest map

USFS Forsythe II Inventory and Development Old Growth map
USFS Forsythe II MA 3.5, Old Growth, Interior Forest and Effective Habitat map

USFS Lodgepole Old Growth Score Sheet

USFS Lodgepole Old Growth Flow Chart