New Publication: Ponderosa Pine Cone and Seed Collection: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for the Colorado Front Range

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Ponderosa pine is a common forest type found at elevations between 6,000-9,000 feet on the Colorado Front Range. 🌲 Fire is a natural component of ponderosa ecosystems; however, over the past 45 years, the frequency of large fires across the Southern Rockies, which includes the Front Range, has increased 274%. 🔥

There is a critical need to collect ponderosa pine seed to support forest recovery following wildfire. Seed stock is insufficient to address the 550,000 acres already burned at high severity nor meet the needs from future fires.

As efforts to collect ponderosa pine seed gain momentum, many are asking questions about the frequency of cone production, the timing of seed collection and insect pests and outbreaks. In a new document, The Nature Conservancy in Colorado and Colorado Forest Restoration Institute provide a snapshot of what is known about the ecology and frequency of seed production, the viability of stored seeds, and the existing literature on insect pests.

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Photo credit: Wachs/TNC